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Learning LettersHope Montessori Academy has been meeting the needs of growing families since 1972. Decades of experience, dedication to excellence, devotion to thousands of children, and our experienced staff have elevated the Hope program to national prominence as a leader in the Montessori movement.

We operate academies in several local communities, with one near your home. Our academies offer educational programs with extended care, infant toddler education and care, and recreational summer camps (June-August). Each program offers age appropriate activities in a safe and nurturing environment.

We welcome your child as a unique individual, and we strive to foster self-confidence, self-discipline and a sense of mutual respect. Our mission is to instill a solid foundation for the development of competent, responsible, and adaptive citizens who are both problem solvers and lifelong learners.

Learning GeographgyWhen you visit a Hope Montessori Academy campus, you’ll quickly notice the classrooms are very different from a traditional school setting. By design, this space feels more like a home than a classroom. If your child chooses, he or she can work on a project alone or in collaboration with classmates, learning from each other while engaging in important positive social and communication skills. Since collaboration is encouraged, the interactions always add to the warm, “home-like” atmosphere. A traditional classroom places the teacher at the center, teaching dictatorially, while the students are passive.

At any Hope Montessori Academy, learning is anything but passive. Your child explores, experiments and creates through specially designed activities in a supportive environment. This is a holistic learning approach within which your child develops cognitive and social skills while fostering emotional and physical growth.

Our ultimate goal at Hope Montessori Academy is to help your child reach his or her full potential in all areas of life. The discovery of new skills, aptitudes and passions begin when your child first steps onto a Hope campus, and the benefits will last a lifetime.



Des Peres| 2809 Barrett Station Rd., 63021 — (314) 984-8111
Creve Coeur | 900 North Mason Rd., 63141 — (314) 878-1770
Infant Toddler Community (Creve Coeur) | 830 N. Mason Rd., MO 63141 — (314) 878-1144
Lake St. Louis | 1880 S. Henke Rd., Lake St. Louis, MO 63367  — (636) 561-2811
St. Charles | 2041 Bluestone Drive, 63303 — (636) 949-0709
Wildwood | 16554 Clayton Rd., 63011 — (636) 458-4540

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